SMELLEZE Ostomy Bag Smell Removal Deodorizer: 2 lb. Granules Eliminate Ostomy, Colostomy, Stoma & Ileostomy Odor

SMELLEZE Ostomy Bag Smell Removal Deodorizer: 2 lb. Granules Eliminate Ostomy, Colostomy, Stoma & Ileostomy Odor

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Color: White


  • SOLIDIFIES OSTOMY WASTE TO MAKE IT SPILL-PROOF: SMELLEZE super absorbent granules rapidly solidifies liquid and semi solid ostomy waste into a firm stable gel that is spill-proof, splash-proof, and leak-proof even under pressure. This makes the resulting solid ostomy waste easier, safer, and more convenient to handle during transportation and disposal. As a bonus, SMELLEZE can also treat diarrhea, vomit, blood, and other water-based liquids or semi-solids.
  • ENCAPSULATES OSTOMY WASTE TO RID ODOR IMMEDAITELY: SMELLEZE super absorbent granules are engineered to encapsulate and trap embarrassing ostomy bag waste odors immediately without cover-ups while solidifying it. This gives the user more time to dispose of the waste without having to put up with the stinky smell or trying to mask it with fragrances.
  • FAST-ACTING OSTOMY WASTE ABSORBER IS USER FRIENDLY: SMELLEZE super absorbent granules function rapidly to absorb the waste. You can literally watch it work in real time since it only takes a few seconds. Once the liquid and semi solid waste is solidified by SMELLEZE, it forms a gel that simply slides out of the ostomy bag. As a result, the waste is easy to dispose without any smell, spill, fuss or mess.
  • WORKS WITH ALL TYPES OF BAGS: SMELLEZE super absorbent granules can be used in all types of ostomy, colostomy, stoma, and illeostomy bags. To use, simply sprinkle ½-1 teaspoon SMELLEZE granules in your ostomy bag prior to use. As the liquid and semi solid waste fills the bag, it is absorbed by SMELLEZE and immediately converted to a gel. As a result, the smooth waste easily slides out of the ostomy bag making it effortless to dispose without any smell, spill, fuss or mess.
  • MADE RIGHT IN THE USA & BACKED BY OUR 100 PERCENT SATISFACTION POLICY: SMELLEZE and has a proven track record and is backed by our US based Customer Care to support American workers. SMELLEZE comes with a 100 percent satisfaction policy. If you don’t absolutely love SMELLEZE or are unhappy for any reason, We will give you a compensate.

Binding: Health and Beauty

Details: Banish Ostomy Bag Odors Now!

The use of ostomy bags can unfortunately produce unpleasant and embarrassing odors. The latter is often comprised of ammonia, mercaptans, amines and skatole that are generated from urine and feces. Covering up strong ostomy bag odors with masking agents like perfumes pollute the air with chemicals and often times result in even more offensive smells.

SMELLEZE Ostomy Bag Deodorizer Granules can be used to quickly eliminate pungent urine, fecal and bacterial odors by encapsulating them into a gel instead of merely masking them with fragrances. To use, simply sprinkle SMELLEZE Ostomy Deodorizer Granules in the ostomy bag, and smell the difference. SMELLEZE will effectively cleanse ostomy bags of offensive odors and result in a clean, fresh smelling environment.

Package Dimensions: 7.6 x 3.2 x 3.0 inches